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For Teachers

A smiling teacher helps two happy high school students in the classroom.


Kentucky Teacher-in-Training

Education Professional Standards Board website:

(KY New Teacher Standards are here)

Kentucky Core Content link



The Combined Curriculum Document ­ KY



New Teacher Standards for

Preparation and Certification

Educational Professional Standards Board

EPSB site

LETSnet electronic field trips

from Michigan State University

The Teachers Corner

Kentucky Department of Education:

Learning Style Inventories from Dr. Kacer’s Site:

Multiple Intelligences

Similar to Myers-Briggs

Several Instruments Here

EduPlace from Houghton-Mifflin

Horace Mann website ­ great jokes for teachers edtoons.html

Free Art and Graphics Sites

Free stock photos (food)

Graphic Organizers

for teachers

CanTeach website

The Library in the Sky

The British Museum’s Ancient Egypt Site

Brewer’s free Educator Resources

Free Rubrics at Rubistar

More Rubrics from all over the US

Harry Potter Cards for ESL teachers to use

Quizzes online or make your own

High School lesson plans (on right side)


Education Hotlist:

National Student Resource Center Links

Academic Study Skills for Adults

from the Prentice Hall Site

Technology for Teachers

The Pam Petty sites ­ WKU

Plays for schools:

U/L approved plays

The Math Forum at Drexel

Education World Poetry page

Student Success Supersite ­

For lifelong learners

Prentice Hall Student Super Site

For College Students and

Lifelong Learners

Middle School Teaching Resources (can also be used for High School)

Ready-made units and lessons K-12

The Webquest Page at San Diego State University

Recommended by Dr. Wininger at WKU:

Click on “Portal” at right, then “Top” at left to find the best Webquests.

These Webquests have been evaluated as top quality models.

They are listed by grade level and by subject.

The Teachers Corner

Perry Public Schools Educational Links Website:

Teacher Help Page

The Chemistry Hypermedia Project

Dr. Kacer’s Links: - Lesson Plans and Teaching Strategies:

Dr. Kacer’s Teaching Tips Site:


Outta Ray’s Head Literature Lessons

PBS Teacher Source

Web resources for students

Teachers Net

Scott Adams Teacher Links

NteQ Lesson Plan Builder

California S.C.O.R.E. Cyberguides

Sites for Teachers

Web English Teacher

Super Huge Resource Links from

Includes art, all grade levels, all subjects, Bill Nye the Science Guy, Excel, much more.

Substitute Teacher Ideas

By Robert Jackson

Teachers Net Mentor Center

Filling the Tool Box ­ how to get your students to ask questions in class:

Using the Socratic Method in the classroom

Rapid City Teacher Resources

Includes Gifted links

Create your own Quizzes

Don’t click on the Virtual Tours site though ­

It no longer works

Framingham, MA Education Links

Help with English Grammar Forum site

From Australia: explains how different Learning Style Inventories are used and how good they are.