Poetry Demo Day





We divide into 6 groups.

Step #1: We go over both kinds of rubrics

(10-15 minutes)

Step #2: Questions

(5 minutes)

Step #3: Each group does multi-part Presentations

1) Explains 5 concepts from the concept activity with objects

2) Explains poetry terms

3) Tells what it was like to work in the group

4) Does Presentation ­ explains how they were inspired by a lyric or poem.

6 groups ­ 10 minutes each (total time)

Each person rates the group that goes. (5 min. each)

The groups do rubrics on each group member next.

All sheets get handed in to me in the “in” box. Thank you!

Please put last names on your group reports and rubric sheets, plus your Block #

Everyone gets to have SSR (Sustained Silent Reading) after the presentations.

Tomorrow: bring a drink to have with COOKIES!

Celebration Party with New Unit Info tomorrow!

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