Social Studies and History Links

Dr. Kacer’s Links: - Lesson Plans and Teaching Strategies:

Dr. Kacer’s Teaching Tips Site:

Teach-nology: free rubrics and lesson plans

Kathy Schrock’s Page

LETSnet lessons

from Michigan State University

B.J. Pinchbeck’s

Homework Helper

K-8 Librarian-created Web Search pages -

(filtered - includes Science and History sections)!/

Your Electronic Locker

(good for college, too!)

Learning Style Inventories from Dr. Kacer’s Site:

Multiple Intelligences

Similar to Myers-Briggs

Several Instruments Here

GEM Gateway to Resources

Biographies of Women Mathematicians


FYI: Another perspective from a Native American.

Paul G. Blazer High School

Electronic Locker

Great idea! Check this out too!

Free Rubrics at Rubistar

More Rubrics from all over the US

The Library in the Sky

The British Museum’s Ancient Egypt Site

Quizzes online or make your own

Filling the Tool Box ­ how to get your students to ask questions in class:

PBS Teacher Source

Make your own Units ­

Science ­ Social Studies covered -

A High Quality Site ­ many great links

There is an article in the Kentucky Teacher

about digital textbooks available for social studies,

language arts, and practical living/vocational studies.

Check out

Education Index ­ guide to some

Of the best sites on the web

Virtual School Museums ­

Links to a lot of them!

Your school can do one too ­

Many done by students

Perspectives on the U.S.-Iraq Conflict

Students United for Humanity Webquest

(for World Peace and Understanding )

Learning about Propaganda website for High School students from Newspapers in Education:

Kentucky Schools on the Web ­

Eduhound Collection

Help with English Grammar Forum site


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