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BGAMUG Page Four

Here are copies of my talks and demos on this page with links you can use.

Talk #1: Buying and selling online (continued)



Welcome to the betsyanne site new BGAMUG Pages. This page has links to sites about buying and selling online.


Page Four

Buying and Selling online at Ebay and other sites

(more hints, continued)

You can also start your own radio station.

Educate yourself through books, websites, and podcasts (you will need a MP3 player OR you can get a travelling headphone set. The MP3 player way is easier and more portable.)

Send a bookmark, or small gift with purchase. Write a thank-you note.

Send a packing slip in box. Remember to put the packing slip in the box. Otherwise you have to rewrap it to stick it in there.

Get a mentor at Ebay — they are free.

Bookmark your favorite searches and sellers, add notes too.

Save auctions to look at later on with "watch auction" at upper right.

Take free Ebay classes online. Some are pay at other sites, and some are expensive, some are cheap. The ones at Ebay are mostly free. Podcasts are usually free too.

Use a premade packing slip you can customize. Make in a word processing program and keep on your desktop.

Use cheap packing material if you want, like newspaper, shredded or mushed. Make sure the box can be thrown around and your item not break. Double boxing is good. Bubblewrap is also good. Be very careful. Take your time wrapping.

How to block bidders or buyers:

From Ebay’s Help Pages:

"Blocking unwanted subscribers: If you need to block any subscribers from receiving your email, you can do so by adding them to your blocked bidder and buyer list

. You can block subscribers in bulk using the checkboxes on the left side of the subscriber list and the Block Buyer button at the bottom of the page.

Note: By blocking buyers from your mailing lists, you are also preventing them from ever bidding or buying on any of your items."

Other important hints:

Study up on Ebay’s policies such as Keyword Spamming and misc. You can print them out from Ebay’s site and study them.

Also: Do not say "like new" in a listing or your auction may be pulled. It’s just not allowed.

Advertise your store on your blog and your signature on email.

The About Me page/Website

Make an About Me page on Ebay. It is part of your area. Add a picture or designs on a picture posting service such as Photobucket.

Make a personal website OR use Paypal buttons with it for immediate payment on your website and you can sell more things. Have a link to this page on your About Me page.

Use a free AUCTIVA listing.


They have a full step-by-step how-to on Auctiva. It takes a while, but you can make different templates for each thing you sell.

You can also post your pictures there.

Photo size is 300 x 400 pixels. Auctiva automatically sizes your pictures for you, which saves a lot of time. They also have free templates there you can use.

You get one free photo on Ebay, the others cost. They don’t on Auctiva many photos free.

Taxes — is your business making money? Then go 4 times a year to report your income.

Do not mess with the IRS.


Many Ebay sellers are going here. Some Amazon sellers say never to give hints about selling here. There are a lot of people jumping on this bandwagon.

It helps to know what things are going for. MANY sellers are selling very cheaply, which doesn’t help anyone.

Selling on Amazon can be a great money-maker if you sell books, games, or other items. Look for "sell yours here" button. Must register and give credit card.

There are automatic programs that reprice lower than anyone else selling on Amazon. Some other sellers don’t like these.

Don’t believe everything other sellers tell you on the Amazon Advice Boards. Some only want new sellers to leave. Others really want to help. So... until you know for sure, take your advice with a grain of salt.

Listing here on Amazon is free. They take a portion of your money when you sell an item, but on the good side, they also include shipping. They use a chart for this that you can access to find out how much each listing will be allowed.

Be careful to include extra shipping with your price if you are selling a heavy book. The shipping price may not cover them.

Give a good description, and describe every little thing, same as you would on Ebay.

Allow Delivery Confirmation or Insurance with books (same rule — use $20. value as your guide here.) Incorporate that price into your selling price.


For buyers:

  1. A sniping program
  2. Ebay misspelled auction site address
  3. The check people’s feedback site address
  4. Ebay bad sellers? Put them on your blocked list.
  5. My Ebay Tips page :-)

For sellers:

  1. Auctiva free lister to sell with (or a pay service)
  2. Do your research. Don’t sell a treasure for a pittance.
  3. Be realistic about your price. See what others are getting, too.
  4. Dreamweaver to help you make your About Me page plus your web page or blog. You can get an older version to save money. These are very intuitive. You can even import Microsoft Word documents into it to make web pages.
  5. Use your camera or movie camera to make a short film about your product or service. OR you can add an optional speaking description. This can bring a lot of traffic to your site. I am going to do that later.
  6. Free or pay website hosting. This could be another demo!
  7. Be clear — take a lot of photos. Pretend it’s you in the store. What do you want to do with the item? Take pictures like you would want to see to decide if you want an item.
  8. Ebay fee checker site.
  9. Check out the Ebay bad sellers or buyers site.
  10. Pack very carefully. Use insurance for items over $20.00. Use Delivery Confirmation for orders under $20. to save you money.
  11. Think positive! :-) You may wait awhile before you find your niche.
  12. Packing materials — boxes, all sizes, bubble wrap, a tape gun with clear tape, a word processing program to make packing slips with and labels, scissors, newspapers.
  13. A 3-ring binder for all your packing slip copies, receipts, etc. You need to keep track of everything just in case the IRS needs these. Be Prepared just like in scouting.

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