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1. What is the best time to call you on the phone?

I would say anytime between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Just leave a message if I'm not available. I check my messages often and will get back to you as soon as I can.

2. How much do you charge for consulting services?

I charge $30.00 per hour. Additional services such as disk writing, web page design, graphic design, checking email, etc. is charged on a "per day" or a "per job" basis.*

3. Your first consulting phone call: I charge $15.00 for your first consulting phone call. After that, I can make a great introduction email lesson for you and send it to you. All work is custom and done according to YOUR specifications.

4. What things can you help people do on their computers?

I help people with typing, navigating online, buying and selling on Ebay, and lots more, such as beginning web pages and all kinds of hands-on training. I work with each client to find out his or her needs - so each lesson is completely customized.

Some people need to learn software programs for work, and I also help people with this. I have assisted with email problems, internet security questions, and many other things. Sometimes it's just not worth hiring a computer programmer to help you, when a consultant like me can help with many things for a LOT less money and hassle.

5. Can you come to my house?

Yes - (if you live closeby) or we can meet at another location. It's all about what you feel comfortable with. We can also confer by phone or use the computer.

5. Can I email you if I have a question?

Of course. You may also call me on my cell phone.

6. Can you work with people online?

Yes. Just let me know if you would prefer this method. We can chat via Yahoo or set up another system to use.

7. Are you familiar with Mac and Windows programs? Yes - I have both kinds of computers at home, so I can help you with both. I have spent many hours learning all kinds of programs, and can help you find training modules for others. I can help you find quality programs to help you, along with the very best prices on learning tapes, CD's, books, etc.

8. Do you have training in the teaching field?

Yes - I recently completed teaching training at Western Kentucky University. I also have a minor in Art, a major in English and over 25 years experience in the printing field as well.

9. How about references? Do you have good references?

Again yes. You can check them online here at my resume site on Yahoo. Just Scroll down to the bottom of my resume and you will find all my references.

9. Do you help people outside of your area?

Yes - I can help on the phone or on the internet with questions or advice, too. Just email me and I'll get right back to you about what I can do to help you with what you need.

10. Do you do life coaching also?

Yes - I can also help you with goal-setting, organization, non-traditional student questions, and more.

*Additional charges may be necessary for outside consultation, phone help, CD writing, etc.

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