Other links for giving

Amnesty International - advocates for human rights, helps prisoners. Helps free prisoners of conscience and bring injustices to light.

Amnesty International USA - the US website.

MoveOn.org - Democracy in Action. Make a difference.

Greenpeace USA - this group is helping to save the ocean and its wildlife, as well as taking action to prevent more ecological damage to the earth.

Help our soldiers through the USO

The USO has been around helping our soldiers since before World War II. ***

The Other Efforts page at AnySoldier - not rated

Many efforts to help others - soldiers, orphans, and more. Make sure to look these groups up before donating.

The Salvation Army - this Christian rganization is world-wide. It helps people in need, and helps people find shelter and jobs.

Donate to CARE

A Charity Navigator 4-star site. CARE helps people by giving food, help, nutrition guidance, and more.****

Donate to the Nature Conservancy - a group dedicated to rescuing wild places all over the world Also helps to preserve natural communities, plants, and animals.***

The National Wildlife Federation helps to protect wild places and wildlife.**

Unite Against AIDS Unicef page

A project of the United National Children's Fund.****

For Every Child - Health, Education, Equality, Protection - ADVANCE HUMANITY (Support UNICEF)****

Donate to OXFAM - a group that is finding lasting solutions to poverty, hunger and injustice. ****

Habitat for Humanity -- you can donate to a local group. Habitat for Humanity is dedicated to affordable housing for all. Volunteers build housing for families who do not have a home of their own. The recipients also help with construction. **- ****

*Stars information was gleaned from the Charity Navigator Site, that evaluates charities with a star system, from one to four stars.




and use your money wisely.


But I'm not so sure that everybody is on the up and up. Haven't you gotten phone calls that say "We need your money" but can't send you information? These scam companies try to take money only for themselves. They can fool people into donating... and then the money gets used to fund people that don't need it. Some pay their people way too much. Others just funnel the money back into the organization, instead of giving it directly to who needs it.

These groups I have listed are really helping people who need it. You can choose from many different charities that work hard and give money to people that need it, and also protect the environment, and work for needed change. I have listed charities that I personally have donated to, plus others that are doing a good job to help others and the world.

Please let me know of other organizations that you personally know are above-board and honest, and use donated money well so that I can consider them for inclusion here on my Charity Page. You will note that the groups to the left have stars at the end of their description. These are stars from Charity Navigator.


One way is to know the charity yourself. Another is to check with a new system called Charity Navigator. Charity Navigator is an independent charity evaluator, and has been around since 2002. Websites that are checked out and listed with the organization have a Charity Navigator button on their website. The Charity Navigator site features a Gift Giving Guide and a list of 201 different charities that have their stamp of approval. They also have articles to help you know that you are giving to a good, reputable charity.


No matter how much money you have, to give some of it away can make you feel rich. And giving makes you grateful that you CAN give, even if you are giving just a little. A lot of little donations make a big difference.


Do you like to shop? Why not shop at a charitable foundation store? Just click on a store below to go there.


The Habitat Store Online

The Salvation Army Shop

The National Wildlife Federation Online Store

The Nature Conservancy Storefront

The Nature Conservancy Green Holiday Gifts Page

Find FairTrade Certified Products - these products assure fair working standards in other countries.

Oxfam America Unwrapped - includes Green Gifts, and investments in helping others.

Buy the Greenpeace Calendar at Amazon

Shop Goodwill.com


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Information for the article above was obtained here:

The Charity Navigator site at http://www.charitynavigator.org/

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