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- - A huge welcome to everyone that is reading my pages. I appreciate your visit!

ATTN: This is an OLD page. I will redo it later.

This page was not always my welcome page. It used to be my main page, when I first started making this website.

It was both my personal and business page. I wanted a new look later on, so I redid several pages, and then changed the ones I wanted to keep. You will find some pages I am getting ready to redo here.

The site soon grew bigger, but I liked the busy format, so I kept the page as a "Welcome" page for new visitors who have not seen the old site.

I keep a sign-in guestbook here. I would love to have you sign it. I have to check it, though, because sometimes machines or automatic computers will "sign" it with spam. So your signature or comment won't show up sometimes for a day or so. But it will eventually! And I will definitely see and read every comment.

Here is my guestbook:

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You can also download a FREE ebook below. I am getting more ebooks ready, and will offer them probably this Fall on this site. The free ebook is in Microsoft Word format.

Here is the free ebook link and my first ebook cover design:

Click below for your download:

The Best Free Art and Photo Sites


IN THE WORKS: I have been busy getting some ebooks written. I will be offering them for sale here on my website soon.

I do have one you can download for free here on the site. Just click here to download it in Microsoft Word format.

I hope you like it. Please let me know any other sites you would like to add to it.

MY CONSULTING: Just contact me for computer lessons in the Bowling Green, Kentucky area. Find out more on my tutoring page.

Check my home page for announcements about other projects.

MY BLOGS, WEBSITE, AND JOBS: I have two active blogs (see buttons on the right side top here) and have designed and posted my own website here and at

My newest websites are The Best Books and Collectibles, and The Teacher Tree free links site.

FOR TEACHERS: Are you a teacher? I had a class website again this year that you may find of interest if you teach middle or high school. I posted many interesting webquests there. You can also go to the For Teachers page on this site to find lesson plans and handy hints for teaching that I made during my college preparation and my teaching in Kentucky.

Do you have a site or link you'd like to post for free? Just visit the Teacher Tree site to do that.


WHAT I AM DOING RIGHT NOW: I am selling on Ebay and other sites right now, plus I'm helping people with computers, too. I am also writing some short stories, along with learning html, tutoring, and getting working on my garden. Also, I am updating all my websites and blogs.

You can find out more about me, my activities, and my hobbies on my Ebay About Me page that I recently made. Also, the About Me page , plus the About Me Page Two page on this site can tell you more.



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