Barter  websites









Barter Your Services


Barter Company Lists


Tradaway Free Online Barter Service


Swapnet (a pay site)


I haven't checked these out yet. Let me know of others I can add.



I plan to check out every one of these sites. I think I'll put my ad on some of them if I can. It sounds like such a good concept. I would like to trade graphic arts services for other services.

I can also give English tutoring lessons for trade. Maybe I can trade for gardening dirt or painting, or? There are a lot of choices - but the sites seem to come and go pretty quickly.

This is such a good idea - but I think caution is the watchword for now on these. My advice: I would look them up or "google" them to see which ones are best - and check who is running them and whether or not they are honest and have been around awhile.

I think I'll try a FREE one first.




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