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A little explanation about this page:

This page, Teacher Motivation, was done as a class assignment for a required Psychology class for teacher training - - I had Dr. Wininger at Western Kentucky University in 2005.

He said that we, his students, could use this page later if we ever wondered why we entered the teaching profession.

His idea was that teachers who were faced with doubts could have a resource that would remind them of the big picture - and help them succeed.

I have used these pages when I needed motivation - - and some of the sites (especially the Anne of Green Gables one) have helped me realize that there CAN be happy endings for teacher education students and interns. A positive attitude can be so important.

I have left these pages much as I wrote them... only changing websites that were no longer there.

I hope that you find these sites useful. Just scroll down to see the links and comments.

I have been both a teacher education student and a teacher intern. Right now, I am working on a new ebook that will tell new teachers how to avoid the mistakes I made as a new teacher intern. I am hoping that this new book will really help a lot of new teachers.

This motivation page was so fun to do for class. I think it was a really great assignment.


     For Teachers

#1 Website for teaching jobs, as per Google and MSN.

Kentucky School Media Association

National Education Association

American Federation of Teachers

National Parent Teachers Organization

Kentucky Council of Teachers of English/Language Arts

National Council of Teachers of English

National Art Education Association

American Alliance for Theater and Education

Association for the Advancement of Arts Education


Professional Journals

New Horizons Online – Art as part of all curriculum

(now retired, but articles are archived through 2006)

American Educational Research Journal

TESOL Quarterly

Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages

International Journal of Education and the Arts

International Journal of Educational Technology

First Monday – Peer Reviewed Journal on the Internet

Educational Technology and Society Journal

Current Issues in Education

Advancing Women in Leadership Online Journal

The ALAN Review (Assembly on Literature for Adolescents)

Another interesting site:

Voices from the Field - stories of reform in the words of practitioners


My Inspiration Section

Kwai Chang Caine had a great teacher named Po who called him "Grasshopper."

If you watched the old series, Kung Fu, you'd see that his teacher taught him well.

Not only did he teach him the physical art of Kung Fu, he taught him how to THINK!

try this site about Kung Fu

and learn about the main character here

My teachers were really inspiring in elementary school.

At my first high school, I always loved writing and art.

I had a great English teacher, Jacqueline Singh, at my second high school.

My Art teacher taught us batik and wooden fabric stamping.

I graduated with an English major, but I didn't think I'd ever be back for my Teaching Certificate.

I thought of it as "The Road Not Taken"... like the famous poem, below.


After reading "On Writing" I have to say that Stephen King

is my inspiration to start writing again. His official page: -

PLUS they even have a page for Kingdom Hospital now (his new show). It looks real too!

I hope another channel opts for this show. The website is a great idea.


My grandmother was a "schoolmarm" in Wyoming around 1925 - what stories she must have had.

I wish I could have known her.

This is a picture of an old Wyoming Schoolhouse from about that time.

I heard Buckminster Fuller speak one day - he talked about his childhood, and said that it didn't matter if

other people thought you were strange - or different - or not,

what really mattered was what you did with your life.

Buckminster "Bucky" Fuller asks:

"If the success or failure of this planet and of human beings depended on how I am and what I do,

how would I be? What would I do?"

Next, there is a school in Wisconsin - The Clearing, began by Jens Jensen, Wisconsin naturalist and teacher,

that is an inspiration to me and to everyone that comes under its special spell.

Mary Poppins - of course she is a teacher extraordinaire - here's a little song from the movie.

Jane, Michael: [singing] If you don't scold and dominate us / We will never give you cause to hate us /

We won't hide your spectacles so you can't see /

Put toads in your bed or pepper in your tea.


[On the failure of their previous nanny.]

Mrs. Banks: She seemed so solemn and cross.

George Banks: Never confuse efficiency with a liver complaint.

The official Little House on the Prairie Site - Laura really cared about her students

Of course, who can forget Anne Shirley of Green Gables?

Here's a website from Prince Edward Island, where she and her friends grew up.

If I could just be posted here and explore the universe in a spaceship when I get my teaching credentials -

that would be pretty cool.

(Or, to paraphrase Stephen King,


I think working here in this spaceship could get interesting -

especially on a day like this picture shows.

Maybe one of my students will be a space traveler

or live on Mars and teach at the first Mars High School, MPS #1.



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