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This page is all about my writing and poetry. I love both, but I seldom wrote any because I had a huge case of writer's block for many years. Then things changed.


When I went back to school as a non-traditional student at Western Kentucky University a couple of years back, I took Education classes so that I could take my English major and Art minor and translate them to teaching.

I decided to concentrate on English (instead of Art) when I discovered that art teachers were not in demand in Kentucky. In fact, one Art teacher was laid off the very semester I observed her! I felt so bad for her.

So.... I decided on English. During my teacher training at college, I was able to start writing again. It was really fun - and the work was more like play - especially when I knew that somebody was actually going to read my work.

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I wrote essays and poetry and even made my own portfolio so that I could learn how to evaluate high school student portfolios. I put a brochure, some poetry, short essays and a short story in it.

For another class, I wrote pieces online and got some very useful and honest feedback from other students and the professor. Writing and editing was all really exciting, and reminded me why I always loved the English language.

I did get to recite some of my poetry during my student teaching, once for a class I was teaching and another time for the Writing Club at school. I was invited to many poetry slams after that, too- - but I've still got to get up the courage to actually read for one!

I read lots of student work since that time, and was very impressed with the quality of some of the poetry and writing I saw both in my student teaching and during my internship.


I think writing my web pages, this one and the one for Non-Traditional Students, help break my writer's block. Doing my blogs also helped a lot. I think just DOING the writing instead of obsessing about it helped. The practice helped. Making mistakes also helped me. I'm not as scared of being "wrong" - - now I just write. Every day. There isn't a question of putting it off any more, because now it is part of my life.

It also helped to that I was required to read Stephen King's "On Writing" and "Bird by Bird" by Anne Lamott. They were both inspiring books that helped me decide to make a serious commitment to writing.

After all, as Stephen King says, if you can write, why don't you??

I hope to put more writer's links and information on my Writing pages this year, write more poetry, and also to write at least one short story.

Please contact me with information, your writing links, or ideas! You can sign my guestbook also and tell me about your writing. I would really like that!

Go to the writing links page for more information about writing, too.


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